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You join American Mensa and become a member of American Mensa and this then gives you access to the regional and local group activities in your area in addition to all the national benefits

Mensa does offer an intelligence test for those who cannot speak English, or who have little verbal fluency or education. Individuals taking these tests need only to recognize relationships in figures and shapes.

There is no eligibility requirement for Mensa other than to pass an accepted intelligence test with a score in the 98 percentile (in the upper 2%) or above.

Existing Test

There are about 200 different standardized intelligence tests whose results may be used to qualify someone to be a member. If you have taken such a test, and have a qualifying score, the process is relatively simple.

IQ Test


Here are some examples of acceptable tests administered by different groups:

Keep in mind, this is just a very abbreviated list of accepted tests. In addition, the national groups of different countries will be able to provide information on the qualifying tests for their country. Check the links to the left for more details.

Parents of children under 14 who have taken a qualifying test may submit thier scores. The requirements for the information to be included with the membership application are detailed on Mensa's Gift Youth page.

CAUTION: While there are a number of tests offered on the internet to take for fun and entertainment, there appear to be a number of on-line websites that seem to imply the tests they offer will qualify you for Mensa. You may assume any test not taken in the presence of an appropriate third party (teacher, psychologist, certified Mensa Protor) will not be acceptable. If you have a question about a whether a test is accepted, just contact us.

Mensa Test

American Mensa has developed its own admission test with a focus on logic and deductive reasoning that takes about two hours to complete. We typically administer the Mensa test once or twice a year. Get in touch if you are interested - and we have a practice test.

The American Mensa Admission Test is administer by certifed voluteer Proctors in local groups around the country. There is a $40 fee for testing.

The American Mensa Admission Test is available for people over 14. Individuals younger than 14 may apply for membership based on a qualifying score from one of the many other standardized intelligence tests.

You may take the American Mensa Test only once. However, if you did not achieve an acceptable score, you can apply to take the Culture Fair Battery Test, or you may submit previous scores from an accepted test

Mensa Practise Test - Mensa does offer a practice test that takes about 30 minutes to complete. Its score will provide you with a strong indication of whether you would suceed on the American Mensa Admission Test

Culture Fair Battery

If you wish to take this test, you must request the Cuture Fair Battery option in advance when you schedule for a test.