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Southern Idaho Mensa is the name our local Mensa group. Southern Idaho Mensa is affiliated with American Mensa, and American Mensa is affiliated with International Mensa.

Southern Idaho Mensa

Southern Idaho Mensa (SIM) was founded in the late 1970's. There are about 130 members in the Southern Idaho Mensa group. It serves Mensa members in the southern half of Idaho, specifically all Idaho counties south of Idaho county. SIM also serves Malheur county and two towns in eastern Oregon.

Southern Idaho Mensa is part the Pacific Intermountain Region, Region 8 of American Mensa. The Pacific Intermountain Region is one of the larger regions, both in the number of members in it and the area is covers

There are 11 local groups with Region 8. They are Southern Idaho Mensa, Northern Nevada Mensa, Monterey County Mensa, San Francisco Regional Mensa, Sacramento Regional Mensa, Redwood Empire Mensa, Oregon Mensa, Mensa of Western Washington, Columbia River Mensa, Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho/Montana, and Mensa Alaska.

American Mensa

American Mensa has more than 57,000 members, making it the largest of all the national groups. While it is the largest, there is still plenty of opportunity for it to grow. It is estimated that about six million Americans would be able to pass the test and be eligible for membership.

American Mensa is divided into 10 regional groups. The Regional Groups are the Northeast Region, Middle Atlantic Region, Great Lakes & Ohio Valley Region, North Central Region, Southeast Region, Southwest Region, Heartland Region, Pacific Intermountain Region, Far West Region and Florida Region. Within these 10 regions, there are 134 local groups. The size of these local groups ranges from small group with less than 100 members to large groups with over 2,000 members.

Mensa International

Mensa International serves members in about 100 countries worldwide with national organizations established in about 50 countries.

Mensa International has 134,000 members worldwide in over 100 countries. There are even members in the world’s smallest country, Vatican City (area 110 acres; pop. 1,000). People who live in countries without a national club can become direct members of Mensa International.

Mensa International has 51 National Groups. American Mensa is the largest, with 57,000 members. With over 21,000 members, British Mensa is the next largest. Mensa Germany, with over 13,000 members, is third in size. There are a several national groups with fewer members than our Southern Idaho Mensa local group.